Welcome. Asalamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you).

The great Sufi saint, Rumi, is quoted as saying: “To praise the sun is to praise one’s own eyes.”  The sun is always shining though it is sometimes hidden from our view.  MeccaStars’ focus is to enhance the light that Muslims bring to the world in all areas of life.

Our aim is to promote the good that Muslims are contributing to the communities around them by casting light on their positive achievements.  Our belief is that everywhere you look, you will find a Muslim who is trailblazing the way towards progress.  Whether in sports, fashion, entertainment, scholarship, philanthropy or science, Muslims are achieving great and wonderful things.  Muslims are traditionally leaders, not followers.  Shine your light on the world.  Thank you for allowing us to share our vision.

Warm Regards,

The MeccaStars Team.


  1. Dear Mr. Safdar,

    You may want to profile Atif Moon. Please watch the following 2 minute video and you will see why:

    http://www.centerforglobalunderstanding.org/ – Organization co-founded by Atif

    Thank you

  2. I’m glad to become a visitor in this pure site, regards for this rare info! 999033

  3. I like this site very much, Its a very nice position to read and receive info.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments. Our piece on Atif Moon’s inspirational story is at http://meccastars.com/?s=atif+moon.

  5. nuttyblurt says:

    I am sooooo glad I ‘stumbled’ upon your blog by chance! I saw a comment that you had posted on another blog and was curious. So I clicked onto your name to ‘check u out’. May you’re good work continue dude! Fabulous motivation for your blog- love that you are spreading the word about Islam. I find it gets too much negative press, and it’s time to express what a peaceful religion it is. While I’m at it- Ramadan Mubarak.

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